Students being expelled for gun-shaped Pop Tarts or even saying word “gun”

In spite of what many progressiveS might want, it”s still legal to own firearms in this country. But increasingly our children can”t bite a Pop Tart into a gun shape, point their fingers like they were guns, or even utter the word “gun” without getting expelled from public schools.

There has been a whole succession of stories over the past two months about kids from elementary through high schools being expelled or disciplined for these very acts.

An 11-year-old boy was talking about the Sandy Hook shooting on a bus ride home and was hustled back to the school and told by the principal that if he uttered the word gun in his school he would be suspended for 10 days. The boy didn”t bully or threaten anyone, he was just saying that he said he wished he had a gun to protect everyone. This one escalated into an illegal search of the boy”s home and his father being questioned as though they were criminals. The dad finally refused to answer any more questions and demanded the deputy to leave his house.

In March, a boy was suspended after he chewed a Pop Tart into the shape of a gun (he was trying to make a mountain but it looked more like a gun to the eight-year olds). The family is having to sue to get the suspension removed from the boy”s permanent record.

If I had young kids in school today in this state, I”d make sure they knew the no-mention list of words. I”d be especially sure to impress upon them not to utter the word “bomb” when describing some cool new video game or pop recording for fear of being targeted by a SWAT team or drone strike.

We all understand caution after recent school shootings, but there are way too many people who are driving caution over the yellow line and off the cliff called lunacy.

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