Federal legislation introduced to raise price of duck stamp $10

Legislation was been introduced into the U.S. Senate that would increase the price of the federal duck stamp from $15 to $25. If approved, it would be the first increase since 1991.

The federal duck stamp was established in 1934 when waterfowl hunters were mandated nationwide to purchase the stamp. Those funds were dedicated by law to be used only for wetlands, and it has been one if the most effective conservation programs ever instituted, with 98 percent of all funds generated through the sale of these stamps used to purchase and protect wetland wildlife habitat across the country. In California alone, the funds have been used to purchase or acquire easement and protect over 325,000 acres of habitat in 20 National Wildlife Refuges across the state. Nationally, over 8 million acres have been protected.

Senator Mark Begich (D-Alaska) authored the legislation saying it was “necessary to compensate for lost purchasing power due to inflation.” Legislators on both sides of the political aisle and Ducks Unlimited have come on board supporting the bill, and most hunting groups will probably line up in support because the program has been so effective.

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