Sheep Society looking for a few tough volunteers to keep track of desert water

Bill Tuck is the spring coordinator for the Society for the Conservation of Bighorn Sheep and he needs a few athletic, tough volunteers for the group’s Adopt a Spring program. The volunteers help keep tabs on desert springs and tanks to make sure the state’s desert sheep always have a place to drink.

It’s not easy work. Tuck related a story about his effort to get a volunteer for a spring located in a rugged mountain range some distance from the nearest road access.

“I’ve taken four volunteers to this spring recently. Only one made it there. The rest quit and went home. Even the one who made it there quit the spring program. I’m lucky if one out of 20 people who contact me become a spring volunteer,” said Tuck.

Tuck said the Sheep Society keeps tabs on over 100 important water sources, and many of them have not been visited in recent years to check on water levels or keep them cleaned out so sheep and other wildlife have access to the water. Tuck says most of the water sources are named and shown on maps, but many others are semi-secret. Almost all are very remote. Volunteers need to know how to read maps and use of a hand-held GPS is recommended. Tuck will supply training and maps.

“It is very rewarding work,” said Tuck. And the best part? “All of the springs have sheep visiting them at times through the year, so you’ll have a good chance of seeing bighorn sheep.”

For more information or to volunteer, contact Tuck at

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