Inmates are running the asylum:Anti-gun laws keep getting crazier

There was bad news this week for gun owners in California: three of the four anti-gun laws heard in the Assembly’s public safety committee passed out of that committee in their march to become the latest batch of senseless gun laws in this state. Two would expand the current definition of “assault weapon” to include all semi-automatic centerfire rifles with detachable magazines, and the third that moved forward would limit all gun purchases to one per month.

If someone could explain to me how those laws will do anything to reduce crime, help law enforcement solve crimes, or prevent mass shootings, I’m all ears. The only people they impact are legal gun owners.

But there is even more news this week: The California insanity is spreading. Maryland lawmakers are apparently are battling to get the front seats on the anti-gun hysteria crazy train.

This past week, a Baltimore legislator introduced a bill that would ban the sale, possession, and use of “imitation firearms,” targeting toys and air guns, unless they are brightly colored or can be readily identified by exterior markings — following in the footsteps of a similar California law already on the books. But the Maryland folks took it even further down crazy lane.

With no grandfather clause, anyone who currently owns a toy gun, air rifle, or air soft gun that looks like ñ just for example — a Colt .45 — could face a $1,000 fine and a year in prison. Are you laughing? Are you envisioning the juvenile courts and juvenile halls clogged with 12-year-old boys arrested with their Model 94 look-alike BB guns? Can you imagine a judge looking over his glasses tisk, tisk, tisking a creative college student who carved a wooden pistol with his pocket knife?

Oh wait, those same Maryland lawmakers want to ban pocket knives (and guns) on college campuses, too. Their concern is that horror of horrors: a college student with a wooden gun he’s carved with a –gasp! — banned pen knife. The Maryland prison population is going to explode when these bills pass.

All aboard the crazy train.

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